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This website is a fancy link list. There are half a dozen organizations working to end ranching in and restore Point Reyes. Most of them are listed here along with their websites and numerous articles.  This website is my attempt to corral all this information on to one site. There are several ways to be involved with and keep informed on the efforts to return all the land in Point Reyes National Seashore to the benefit of the public and native flora and fauna, most notably the rare Tule Elk. I leave it up to you to decide what works best for you. 

Deborah Goldeen, website ideator



Saving the tule elk and restoring Point Reyes is a numbers game. Number 1 task: Email: Charles Sams, Director NPS 

Contact NPS

And: Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland

Contact DOI


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Marin Independent Journal: 
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Marin Independent Journal:
Marin Voice: Point Reyes agreement shows politics of privilege in action,


The Myths of Pt. Reyes by Ken Bouley

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When a national park erodes environmental justice

A Turning Point for Point Reyes - Kenneth Brower

High Country News:
The battle over Point Reyes’ tule elk

Death by Design: How the National Park Service experiments on tule elk

Counter Punch:
Apocalypse Cow: The Future of Life at Point Reyes National Park

SF Gate:
​Opinion: National Park Service refuses to fix Point Reyes



Donate to these organizations to help fund lawsuits
on behalf of the elk/park.

Turtle Island Restoration Network

Center for Biological Diversity

Resource Renewal Institute

Advocates for the West


Deborah Goldeen

Why I am working to end ranching in PRNS:


If you look at a map of Point Reyes (aka Tamal Huye), you will see that all of it is a
national park. Point Reyes National Seashore was established in 1962 to protect the
land from developers eager to build on, and profit wildly from, its unique beauty. Instead of another gated community for the uber wealthy, we have a national park for all to enjoy... or so I thought, for many years.

Having hiked the south end of PRNS for decades, I finally ventured north to the elk
preserve on Tomales Point this summer (July 2021). Within minutes of turning onto
Pierce Point Road, which bisects the north half of PRNS and leads to the preserve, I
was flabbergasted to find myself in the middle of a post-apocalyptic, barren landscape populated by sullen cows, barbed wire, dilapidated mobile homes, ominous-looking commercial dairy buildings, mountains of manure covered with plastic and truck tires, and a stench that nearly knocked me over.

What should be one of the precious few last refuges for the natural world was instead a shocking example of destructive, extractive, industrial agriculture. These dairy and cattle operations, taking advantage of a long series of special concessions that prioritize the needs of dairy cows and cattle ranchers over those of the Tule Elk, trap the latter in what amounts to a concentration camp for elk, condemning hundreds of this rare species to a slow, painful, unnecessary death.

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1963 and living here my entire life, I have
benefitted immensely from the work that went into making this area progressive
and positive, especially in the preservation of natural lands. Many individuals and
groups have fought hard for decades to preserve those lands and, unfortunately, it
seems we need to keep fighting to protect them. In honor of what I have been given, I have decided to work on removing the ranches from Point Reyes until they are gone, or I am.

Many others are as dedicated as I am. It is their hard work that forms the content of
this site. Please join us in working to restore Point Reyes/Tamal Huye to a place for
wildlife and recreation.

If you have questions or would like to be more actively involved,

please email me at 

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